Volume 65, Issue 1

March 2023
(1) Message from the Editor-in-Chief, (9) Original Article, (2) Letter to the Editor


Cover Page

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Message from the Editor-in-Chief
  • M. Ali Gülçelik
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 0-0

Original Article

Uptake of high-dose folic acid decreases cell viability and proliferation via JAK/STAT pathway in human prostate cancer cells
  • Şefik Güran
  • Zehra Dilşad Çoban
  • Hülya Gündeşli
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 1-6 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.48343
Evaluation of ischemic stroke patients associated with COVID-19
  • Ülkühan Düzgün
  • Ömer Karadaş
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 7-14 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.09226
Predictors of discontinuation of antiretroviral therapy among HIV-infected adults at Hospital Sungai Buloh: A 10-year retrospective cohort study
  • Ab Hamid Siti-Azrin
  • Bachok Norsaadah
  • Sing Chet Lee
  • Kumar Chidambaram Suresh
  • Wan Adnan Wan-Nor-Asyikeen
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 15-22 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.08216
Volume-controlled ventilation versus pressure-controlled ventilation and recruitment maneuvers in video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery
  • Esra Sarı
  • Hilal Sazak
  • Mehtap Tunç
  • Fatma Ulus
  • Ali Alagöz
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 23-30 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.36349
Endoscopic resection of intracranial dermoid and epidermoid tumors from a minimally invasive perspective
  • Adem Doğan
  • Mehmet Ozan Durmaz
  • Ahmet Murat Kutlay
  • Sait Kayhan
  • Şahin Kırmızıgöz
  • Mehmet İlker Özer
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 31-38 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.55707
Serum asporin levels in maintenance hemodialysis patients without osteoarthritis
  • Ali Doğan Dursun
  • Canan Demir
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 39-43 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.97658
Relationships between C-reactive protein, systemic immune inflammation index, and inflammatory markers related to hemograms in children diagnosed with acute otitis media
  • Ahmet Bolat
  • Aysun Tekeli
  • Hülya Özer Şahin
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 44-50 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.20438
The evaluation of eosinophil-to-lymphocyte, eosinophil-toneutrophil, and neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratios in adults with allergic/non-allergic rhinitis
  • Ali Selçuk
  • Metin Keren
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 51-55 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2023.94840
The effect of current infection control procedures and application times on the dimensional stability of dental impression materials
  • Sibel Dikicier
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 56-62 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.06332

Letter to the Editor

Comment on “Caffeine intake and bone mineral density in postmenopausal women”
  • Kazım Emre Karaşahin
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 63-64 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2022.50490
Reply to: Comment on “Caffeine intake and bone mineral density in postmenopausal wome
  • Kübra Tel Adıgüzel
  • Özlem Köroğlu
Gulhane Med J 2023; 65: 65-65 DOI: 10.4274/gulhane.galenos.2023.56987