Case Report

Torsion of the wandering spleen: A rare case of acute abdominal causing


  • Bülent Koca
  • Hamza Çınar
  • İsmail Alper Tarım
  • Bahadır Bülent Güngör

Received Date: 29.07.2011 Accepted Date: 02.11.2011 Gulhane Med J 2013;55(1):51-53

Wandering spleen resulting in torsion of the spleen is a rare clinical entity. It may result in acute abdomen. Wandering spleen results from congenital maldevelopment or acquired laxity of the splenorenal,gastrosplenic and splenocolic ligaments connecting the spleen with the surrounding tissues. Splenic torsion is a rare cause of acute abdomen.We report the case presented as acute abdomen and diagnosis of wandering spleen was confirmed with physical examination, abdominal ultrasonography and computerized tomography and splenectomy was carried out.

Keywords: Wandering spleen, torsion, acute abdomen