Case Report

Three Children with Meningitis Considered with Surgery Treatment

  • Bülent ÜNAY
  • Alper BAYSEFER
  • Fuat TOSUN
  • Rıdvan AKIN
  • Erdal GÖKÇAY

Received Date: Accepted Date: 01.11.2004 Gulhane Med J 2005;47(1):49-53

Meningitis is life-threating, severe infection of central nervous system. Although appropriate treatment, complications are been encountered such as seizure, subdural effusion, subdural empyema, inreased intracranial pressure, paralsy of cranial nerves, stroke, cerebral or cerebellar hernition, ataxia, thrombosis of dural vein sinuses at patients with meningitis. Here, we present 3 patients with meningitis, operation was considered about them, but two of them were operated, finally all patients were fully recovered. In conclusion, meningitis is encountered common in childhood, patients are observed carefully for complications during treatment and follow-up. The cases with complicated meningitis or recurrent meningitis due to anatomic defect must be followed together Neurosurgery and Ear Nose Throat departments.

Keywords: Meningitis, Subdural Effusion, Subdural Empyema, Recurrent Meningiti