The Problems During Follow-up in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Military Hospitals

  • Oğuzhan OKUTAN
  • Ahmet İLVAN
  • Hayati BİLGİÇ

Received Date: Accepted Date: 16.10.2003 Gulhane Med J 2003;45(4):383-386

Privates are discharged from the Turkish Armed Forces, if they have a diagnosis of PTB before and/or after joining armed forces. A protocol statement regarding counteractions against PTB and cooperation between institutes regulates the relations between the ministry of health and the ministry of defense. However, current measures can not sufficiently preclude entering of PTB cases into army. However, due to the protocol signed by both ministry of health and the ministry of defense patients need to be recorded and followed more cautiously. This approach will increase the cooperation among various health care facilities and yield to better recording, follow up and treatment of cases.

Keywords: Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Military Hospital, Follow-up