The indicator of cellular immune response in body fluids: Neopterin


  • Emin Ozgur Akgul
  • İbrahim Aydın
  • Tuncer Caycı
  • Yasemin Gulcan Kurt
  • Fevzi Nuri Aydın
  • Mehmet Agıllı

Received Date: 16.06.2013 Accepted Date: 28.06.2013 Gulhane Med J 2013;55(3):237-243

Cytokine levels in body fluids are generally used for evaluation of the immun system’s responses to stimuli. But more stable markers to monitoring the inflammatory reactions are needed due to being the majority of cytokines biologically labile, cleaning of the circulation in a short period after secretion quickly, in most cases, acting locally. The measurement of neopterin levels in body fluids could be used to following the activities of cellular immune system due to the stability of molecular structure. Neopterin is a pteridine molecule which 253 dalton molecular weight. Neopterin is synthesized by guanosine triphosphate cyclohydrolase-1 (GTPCH-I) from GTP in body. Neopterin synthesis and secretion increase as a result of stimulation of the cellular immune system. It is understood that, the measurement of the neopterin levels could be helpful to follow-up for cancer patients, the patients undergoing organ transplantation, infectios diseases and clinical conditions which cellular immune system is active such as preeclampsia.

Keywords: Neopterin, Pteridine, Cellular immun system