Original Article

The efficiency of sexual health and reproductive health training program developed for university youth

  • Gül Pınar
  • Lale Taşkın

Received Date: 08.06.2010 Accepted Date: 04.10.2010 Gulhane Med J 2011;53(1):1-8

The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy of a sexual health and reproductive health training program (SHRH). A total of 157 university students in their third year at Education Faculty of Baskent University were included in the study. The research was conducted between 1.04.2006 and 1.12.2007. It was an intervention study and designed for the study group and included a control group. The SHRH program developed by the investigator was given to the students in the study group for a total of 30 hours (3 hours weekly for 10 weeks). To determine the information of students on sexual health, SHRH Information Scale of which reliability and validity study was carried out by the investigators was used. This scale was administered as a pretest before administering the training program; a test at the completion of each module (middle) and after the program was finished as a posttest. Significant difference was found between the mean scores of the study group (p<0.05) in the pretest and posttest, while no such difference was found in the control group (p>0.05). In view of these results, the SHRH training program was found to be effective.

Keywords: Reproductive health, sexual health, sexual training program, university youth