Case Report

Repair of anomalous origin of right coronary artery in an adult patient using coronary artery implantation technique


  • Orhan Saim DEMİRTÜRK
  • Hüseyin Ali TÜNEL
  • İsa COŞKUN
  • Mediha Hacer ÜLGER
  • Abdullah TEKİN
  • Öner Öner GÜLCAN

Received Date: 29.01.2013 Accepted Date: 18.07.2013 Gulhane Med J 2015;57(3):306-308

Anomalous origin of coronary arteries is rarely seen. However when the coronary artery courses between the ascending aorta and the pulmonary artery leading to myocardial ischemia clinically fatal results may occur. The fact that they are usually symptom-free, and they may be missed when no clinical suspicion arises and moreover that they may even give no symptom or sign even under 12-lead exercise test with maximal exercise makes this difficult disesase important. In this case report we present a 47-year-old female patient diagnosed with anomalous origin of the right coronary artery who was admitted with effort angina and shortness of breath and the surgical correction performed using coronary artery implantation technique.

Keywords: Anomalous origin of coronary artery, coronary artery implantation.