Case Report

Renal tubular acidosis causing growth retardation: a case presentation

  • Seçil Aydınöz
  • Ferhan Karademir
  • Selami Süleymanoğlu
  • Halit Özkaya
  • Atilla Ersen
  • İsmail Göçmen

Received Date: 20.01.2006 Accepted Date: 12.09.2006 Gulhane Med J 2006;48(4):236-238

Renal tubular acidosis is a condition resulting from a defect in either hydrogen excretion or bicarbonate reabsorption from renal tubuli. Renal tubular acidosis may present with hypocalcemia, medullar nephrocalcinosis, recurrent calcium phosphate stones, growth retardation and rickets in children. Renal tubular acidosis type I is characterized with failure to lower urinary pH and metabolic acidosis, due either to excessive backdiffusion of hydrogen ions from the lumen or to inadequate excretion of hydrogen ions. Alkaline urine and metabolic acidosis with normal anion gap were detected in a ten-month-old patient admitted with the complaints of growth failure and vomiting. Nephrocalcinosis, calcium phosphate stones and rickets were detected on radiological and laboratory investigations. Alkali treatment was started with the diagnosis of renal tubular acidosis type I.

Keywords: Growth failure, renal tubular acidosis