Case Report

Radiologic features of a giant breast lipoma with calcified fat necrosis in a male patient

  • Bilal Battal
  • Murat Kocaoğlu
  • Fatih Örs
  • Taner Üçöz
  • İbrahim Somuncu
  • Sıtkı Gülhan

Received Date: 25.10.2005 Accepted Date: 30.12.2005 Gulhane Med J 2006;48(1):50-52

Breast diseases in male are seen infrequently. The most important diseases of the male breast are gynecomastia and breast cancer. Other rare diseases are skin and subcutaneous tissues pathologies such as fat necrosis, lipoma, and epidermal inclusion cysts. We present ultrasonography, mammography and magnetic resonance imaging findings of a lipoma with calcified fat necrosis in a 68-yearold male.

Keywords: Lipoma, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging, breast