Case Report

Pelvic endometriosis presenting with urinary symptoms: a case report

  • Temuçin Şenkul
  • Ferhat Ateş
  • Cüneyt Adayener
  • Hasan Soydan
  • Levent Tütüncü
  • Kadir Baykal

Received Date: 14.01.2010 Accepted Date: 02.09.2010 Gulhane Med J 2010;52(4):290-293

Ureteral obstruction secondary to endometriosis is a relatively rare condition. We present a case of incipient pelvic endometriosis presenting with urinary symptoms. A 27-year-old, nulligravid female patient admitted to our clinic with symptoms suggesting pyelonephritis. Radiological studies did not reveal urolithiasis. However, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated adnexial mass and left ureterohydronephrosis, thus leading to open surgery. During surgical exploration bicornuate uterus, myoma and a periureteral fibrotic mass were excised and end-toend ureteral anastomosis was performed. Interestingly, the histopathological diagnosis of the periureteral fibrous tissue was endometriosis. Fast recovery was observed in the functions of impaired left kidney during early postoperative follow-up. During their daily practices urologists should be aware of ureteral stricture due to endometriosis especially in premenopausal women with dilated collective system. Kidney protective approaches should be the initial choice while managing ureteral endometriosis in women in child bearing age.

Keywords: Endometriosis, surgical treatment, urinary obstruction