Case Report

Our clinical approach to no. 12 Craniofacial cleft patient: Case report


  • Andac AYKAN
  • Serbülent GÜZEY
  • Fatih Zor
  • Doğan ALHAN
  • Serdar ÖZTÜRK

Received Date: 12.03.2013 Accepted Date: 18.07.2013 Gulhane Med J 2015;57(3):290-293

Craniofacial clefts are rare congenital malformations of the facial region that can cause any of skin, soft tissue and bone disorders. Having 15 different variations and different clinical presentations in each group make the reconstructive period not to standardize through an algorithm. In this case report, our clinical approach that consisting of two-stages was presented to a Tessier‘s No. 12 facial cleft patient. After cranioplasty procedure, soft tissue reconstruction was performed by using tissue expander. After 3-years of follow-up period good cosmetic and functional results were obtained.

Keywords: Facial clefts; Tessier‘s No. 12 facial cleft; cranioplasty; bone graft