Original Article

Oral hygiene and oral health status of the nursing students in Turkey


  • Mehmet Vehbi BAL
  • Umut BENGİ
  • Cengizhan AÇIKEL
  • Işıl SAYGUN

Received Date: 14.03.2014 Accepted Date: 23.06.2014 Gulhane Med J 2015;57(3):264-268

In this study we aimed to determine oral hygiene behavior and oral health status of the students at the nursing school in Turkey, with a female student population representative of five different demographical regions of Turkey. Three hundred and twenty five female students (aged 18-22 years) of Gulhane Military Medical Academy, School of Nursing were included in the study. Intraoral examination was performed and students were interviewed regarding general medical history and oral hygiene practices Only a minority of students were smokers (4.6%). Plaque control efficacy was very good in 82.8% and good in 17.2% of the students. The presence of dental caries and its outcomes were relatively common problems presenting with high decayed missing filled tooth scores of students. Dentin hypersensitivity was present in 32.9%. Periodontitis was diagnosed in 13 students (4%). Mild gingivitis was fairly common (35.1%), while moderate (6.5%) or severe (0.6%) gingivitis was seen in a small percentage of students. Oral hygiene behavior was fairly decent in this group of nursing students. Nevertheless, dental caries, mild gingivitis and dentin hypersensitivity were common problems affecting the student population. Oral healthcare programs and routine dentist visits should be encouraged to counteract these findings.

Keywords: Dental health survey, oral health status, periodontal status, periodontal disease prevalence