Case Report

Numb chin sydrome : A subtle clinical condition with varied etiology


  • Devika SHETTY
  • Prashanth SHENAI
  • Laxmikanth CHATRA
  • Prasanna Kumar RAO
  • Rachana V PRABHU
  • Tashika KUSHRAJ

Received Date: 13.09.2013 Accepted Date: 21.01.2014 Gulhane Med J 2015;57(3):324-327

One of the rare neurologic symptoms characterized by hypoesthesia or paresthesia of the chin and the lower lip, limited to the region served by the mental nerve is known as Numb chin syndrome. Vast etiologic factors have been implicated in the genesis of numb chin syndrome. Dental, systemic and malignant etiologies have been well documented. We present a case of a 59 year old female patient who reported with all the classical features of numb chin syndrome. On magnetic resonance imaging, the vascular compression of the trigeminal nerve root was evident which has been infrequently documented to be associated with the condition. We have also briefly reviewed the etiology and pathogenesis of numb chin syndrome and also stressed on the importance of magnetic resonance imaging as an investigative modality in diagnosing the condition.

Keywords: Numb Chin Syndrome, Mental nerve neuropathy, trigeminal nerve root, mental nerve.