Case Report

Intestinal obstruction due to phytobezoar: evaluation with computed tomography

  • Meral Şen
  • Aydın İnan
  • Cenap Dener
  • Selda Tez

Received Date: 15.08.2005 Accepted Date: 07.11.2005 Gulhane Med J 2006;48(1):43-45

Phytobezoars are masses composed of fruit or vegetable matter undigested in the gastrointestinal tract. They are usually seen in patients who have undergone previous gastric surgery. Its most common complication is intestinal obstruction. Computed tomography imaging is useful in diagnosing of phytobezoar associated with small bowel obstruction. In this case report bowel obstruction due to phytobezoar in a 45-year-old female patient who had bilateral truncal vagotomy and gastroenterostomy operation due to obstructing peptic ulcus 17 years ago is presented with its clinical and computed tomography findings findings.

Keywords: Intestinal obstruction, computerized tomography, phytobezoar