Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Message from the Editor-in-Chief

  • M. Ali Gülçelik

Gulhane Med J 2022;64(1):0-0

Evolving variants suggest the COVID-19 pandemic will last longer than expected. The success of vaccines is evident; however, there is still no cure for COVID-19 to reduce the adverse outcomes in severely affected people who are generally at advanced ages. Meanwhile, more liberal restrictions have been announced in many regions, although by far the most contagious variant of the coronavirus is on the scene.

Gülhane Medical Journal enters 2022 with an affluent issue. We have prepared more articles in the current issue, from basic research to clinical, including interesting papers on COVID-19.

With this opportunity, I would like to express my gratitude to all submitting authors, reviewers, and editors for their contributions.

Prof. Dr. M. Ali Gülçelik