Case Report

Left main coronary artery aneurysm: a case report

  • Turgay Çelik
  • Hürkan Kurşaklıoğlu
  • Atila İyisoy
  • Zekeriya Arslan
  • Basri Amasyalı
  • Ersoy Işık

Received Date: 24.05.2005 Accepted Date: 01.11.2005 Gulhane Med J 2006;48(1):46-47

The angiographic incidence of the coronary artery aneurysm is reportedly between 1.5% to 4.9%, and it is more frequent in males. The aneursym of left main coronary artery is a rarely seen entity. We present a 71-year-oldfemale presenting with unstable angina pectoris and in whom a huge left main coronary artery aneurysm was observed in the coronary angiography.

Keywords: Coronary artery aneurysm, left main coronary artery