Case Report

Fertility following conservative management of stage I borderline tumor of the ovary

  • Murat Dede
  • Tolga Çiftpınar
  • Tansu Küçük
  • Müfit Cemal Yenen
  • Murat Muhçu
  • İskender Başer

Received Date: 06.06.2006 Accepted Date: 09.08.2006 Gulhane Med J 2006;48(4):229-231

Ovarian epithelial tumors do not prevent reproduction if they are diagnosed at an early stage. Conservative surgery preserving normal ovarian tissue is necessary for future fertility. We present a case of borderline ovarian tumor detected in a 25-year-old nulliparous woman. Following the conservative surgery of serous borderline tumor she underwent an intracytoplasmic sperm injection cycle, and delivered full-term twins with cesarean section.

Keywords: Borderline tumor, conservative management, in vitro fertilization, ovary