Original Article

Experiences field application of intern nursing students in public health internship: A qualitative study


  • Şerife Zehra Altunkürek
  • Sema Babat

Received Date: 13.07.2018 Accepted Date: 25.10.2018 Gulhane Med J 2019;61(1):11-15


This is a qualitative study which aims to find out the experiences that senior intern nursing students, who have public health nursing course within the scope of nursing education, experience in relation to participating in field application for the first time.


The study data was collected by means of depth interview technique using flow form consisting of semi-structured questions. This is a study conducted to 30 intern nursing students in total in public health internship group in 2017-2018 academic year at Health Sciences University Gülhane Nursing Faculty.


In accordance with the data obtained as a result of focus group interviews with intern nursing students, their views on the field applications during public health internship were divided into three themes as “Intern nurses’ approach to field applications”, “The contribution of field applications in the professional competence of intern nursing students” and “field application feedback of intern nursing students”. Intern nursing students stated that public health internship was different than clinical practices and they were anxious and concerned before the internship. In addition, they also expressed that they were happy to communicate with the public and they used their educational roles actively during field applications.


Determining the students’ thoughts on field application, discussing these thoughts and making inferences have been important in terms of identifying the deficiencies in this field. This study indicates that educations to be given to students for reducing their concerns about field applications and adapting to field applications will be beneficial.

Keywords: Intern nurse, student, public health, field application, qualitative study.