Epidemiology of intraocular injections


  • Hasan Alper Uyar

Received Date: 09.06.2010 Accepted Date: 11.03.2011 Gulhane Med J 2013;55(1):70-75

Despite of being on the market for over two decades and the numerous articles that have been published on the issue, dental lasers are still a question mark for most of the dentists. Nowadays, lasers with specific wavelengths have widespread uses. Laser procedures have not been considered as a primary treatment option, but can be used as an alternative method and have become an important part of the dental practice. Studies, subjecting the effects and possible indications on the dental hard tissues are ongoing. With developments in laser technology, abilities of the dental lasers are improving. The aim of this study is to give information about the applications and limitations of lasers on dental hard tissues.

Keywords: Dental lasers, hard tissue procedures, Er:YAG, CO2 laser.