Effect of Obesity on Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

  • Hasan SUNAR
  • Ümit HALICI
  • Suat CANBAZ
  • Ebru YAVUZ
  • Özcan GÜR
  • Enver DURAN

Received Date: Accepted Date: 02.12.2003 Gulhane Med J 2003;45(4):338-342


Obesity can cause risk augmentation of coronary artery disease. In this study, the effects of obesity were investigated on coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) and its outcomes.


We performed retrospective study on the 103 of CABG patients who were randomly selected. The patients were grouped as normal (group 1, n=24), overweight (group 2, n=45), mild obese (group 3, n=21), moderate- severe obese (group 4, n=13), in according to body mass index. Data analyses were performed with SPSS 10.00 program.


Development of recent atrial fibrillation and difficulty of the healing of sternal incision were seen at significantly higher rates in group 4. One hemiparesy, in group 3 and 2 superficial and 1 deep sternal wound infections and 1 hemothorax in group 4 were detected. Intraoperative mortality was never seen. However, two patients died in group 1, one patients died in group 3 and one patient died in group 4, in early postoperative period.


Significant CABG mortality may not be seen in obese patients. However, obesity may cause prolonged postoperative hospital stay and the higher cost of operation.

Keywords: Obesity, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting, Postoperative Complications