Case Report

Dizziness: Concurrence of stroke and vestibular schwannoma, A case report


  • Sanem Aslıhan Aykan
  • Ebru Alemdaroğlu
  • Halil Uçan

Received Date: 27.05.2018 Accepted Date: 27.08.2018 Gulhane Med J 2018;60(4):151-152

Dizziness can be seen in 20% of cerebrovascular disorders. We present a case of a 67 years old, right-handed woman with a history of right-stroke with residual left-sided deficits who presented to our hospital seeking further rehabilitation. After admission, she complained of sudden onset dizziness. It was worsening while walking she had a feeling of moving around. Neurological examination was stable. Berg Balance Score was 41/50. Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a previously undiagnosed vestibular schwannoma. Since similar symptoms may be seen in patients with stroke or vestibular schwannoma, a complete physical examination with necessary tests should be done in patients presenting with dizziness after a stroke.

Keywords: Stroke, dizziness, vertigo, schwannoma