Design of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Generator for Accelerating Bone Formation Around Dental Implant After Operating in Dentistry

  • Arzu ATAY
  • Jülide ÖZEN
  • Selçuk ORUÇ
  • Mehmet DALKIZ
  • Bedri BEYDEMİR
  • Ertan HALAÇ
  • Mustafa ISNIK

Received Date: Accepted Date: 29.12.2003 Gulhane Med J 2003;45(4):350-354

In this study, a pulsed electromagnetic field generator system, to be developed for testing on rabbits, is presented. It is aimed to observe the success of therapy (to be used in electromagnetic fields) after dental implant operations. A pulsed electromagnetic field generator system includes timing/control circuit for controlling frequency and duration of pulse, coil interface circuits for triggering coil and coil component. In this system, it is possible to adjust the frequency and the duration of pulses for various applications. The frequency and the duration of pulses used in tests are 100Hz and 25μsn respectively with 14 rabbits. 7 rabbits (first group) are settled with implant materials, and then progressing of bone formation after dental implant operations is observed at a magnetic intensity of 0.2mT, the other group are settled with implant material and waited normal healing period. It may be useful for osseointegration. But there is need for practical usega in dentistry.

Keywords: Electromagnetic Field, Implant, Coil