Original Article

Comparison of taxan-cisplatin combination with gemcitabine -cisplatin combination in metatastatic non-small cell lung cancer


  • Mustafa Yıldırım
  • Mustafa Yıldız
  • Utku Dönem Dilli
  • Duriye Öztürk
  • Berna Bozkurt Duman
  • Betül Çelik

Received Date: 29.03.2012 Accepted Date: 10.05.2012 Gulhane Med J 2013;55(1):32-35

In the first stage treatment of NSCLC, it is controversial which treatment combination should be preferred and advantage of one combination over the other could not be shown. The purpose of this study is to compare gemcitabine-cisplatin combination and taxan-cisplatin combination in phase 4 NSCLC with, in terms of efficacy, cost and toxicity. Patients whose diagnoses were phase 4 NSCLC in, Department of Medical Oncology between 2008-2011 have been collected. All diagnosis were confirmed histopathologically and radiologically shown to be metastatic. When two regimens were evaluated together, median survival of the patients was determined as 10,6 (95% confidence interval 5,4- 15,7) months. While survivel time was 8,1 months ( %95 confidence interval 5,1- 11,27 ) for Gemzar-cisplatin regimen, it was 14 months (95% confidence interval 5,5- 22,5) in taxan-cisplatin regimen. But when the difference between survival times was evaluated with long rank test, statistically significant difference was not determined. We argue that, while choosing the combination thrapy in the first stage therapy of phase 4 NSCLC, besides the performance status of the patient and possible side effects, cost of the therapy should also be taken into consideration.

Keywords: Lung cancer, Gemsitabine, Taxans, Treatment