Original Article

Assessment of the knowledge level of medicine faculties first four class students about swine flu infection


  • Necmettin Koçak
  • Hakan İstanbulluoğlu
  • Türker Türker
  • Tayfun Kır
  • Cengiz Han Açıkel
  • Selim Kılıç

Received Date: 20.03.2012 Accepted Date: 21.04.2012 Gulhane Med J 2013;55(1):1-6

This study aimed to evaluate the swine flu infection knowledge level of students of medicine faculty was aimed. This is a descriptive study, conducted between Oct-Nov 2009. The socio-demographical characteristics of participants as well as their knowledge level about swine flu infection were gathered with a questionnaire which developed by researchers. The proportions of correct answers given to questions by the participants; H1N1 virus is causing swine flu disease 95.3%, droplet was the way at disease transmission route 70.2%, the protection of swine flu vaccine is between 50-100% 48.6%. Participants’ responses to questions of the disease transmission path and the most common cause of death due to disease, compared by class of participants, a statistically significant difference was found (p=0.001). Significant difference between classes was formed by the increasing of knowledge level with the participants’ promoting. The early disclosure is considered to be important in infectious diseases.

Keywords: H1N1, Swine flu infection, medical faculty student.