Case Report

Anesthetic management of microlaryngeal surgery in a patient with epidermolysis bullosa: a case report

  • Zehra Yangın
  • Kerem Erkalp
  • Hamdi Delatioğlu
  • A. Emre İlhan
  • Numan Kökten

Received Date: 07.01.2005 Accepted Date: 10.02.2005 Gulhane Med J 2005;47(2):150-152

Epidermolysis bullosa is a hereditary disease characterized by bullae and crut-like lesions of the skin and mucosa that arise spontaneously or following trauma. Because each manipulation on the skin and mucosa in these patients may cause formation of new lesions, anesthetic management of patients with epidermolysis bullosa should be directed towards as minimal monitoring and trauma as possible. We report the succesful general anesthesia performed in a 16-year-old patient with epidermolysis bullosa with laryngeal webbing, and summary the main topics of the disease for anesthesiologists and otolaryngologists who care for these patients.

Keywords: Epidermolysis bullosa, anesthesia, laryngeal webbing, complication