Case Report

Administration of implant supported removable prosthetic dentures at distal edentulous spaces: a case report

  • Simel Ayyıldız
  • Cem Şahin
  • Cumhur Sipahi

Received Date: 14.12.2009 Accepted Date: 06.09.2010 Gulhane Med J 2010;52(4):294-297

Prosthetic treatment for unilateral distal edentulous patients has more complicated components when compared to the other edentulous cases. It is difficult to provide the efficiency of the criteria of support and retention in prosthesis. Stability may easily become out of order with the effect of destructive occlusal forces forming during chewing. Therefore opposing arc stabilization and maximum tissue coverage are essential in prostheses with removable parts. However, in some cases the options may be limited. In this case the indication of fixed prosthetic denture had to turn out to removable prosthesis due to implant loss. Fixed prosthetic treatments are easily tolerated by the patients. Adaptation to removable prostheses, however, requires much more time. In this case an alternative method was created with the aid of modifications performed on the prosthesis, and patient satisfaction was provided.

Keywords: Removable partial dentures, implant supported removable dentures, unilateral edentulous spaces