Case Report

A Case of Syncope Resulting From Pacemaker Capture Loss Due to Flecainide Treatment and Hepatotoxicity

  • Basri AMASYALI
  • Sedat KÖSE
  • Turgay ÇELİK
  • Ersoy IŞIK

Received Date: Accepted Date: 25.01.2005 Gulhane Med J 2005;47(1):73-76

It is known that several pharmacologic agents have deleterious effect on pacing threshold. Although pacemaker capture loss due to flecainide treatment, one of these pharmacologic agents, has been reported in the literature, in our best knowledge there are no reports of a case with concomitant hepatotoxicity. We report a case presenting with syncope resulting from pacemaker capture loss due to flecainide treatment and hepatotoxcitiy.

Keywords: Flecainide,Pacemaker,Antiarrhythmics