Smilar Issues: 76 Record Found
Diagnosis and Treatment Characteristics of the in-patients who were Treated at the Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Pediatrics in 2001
Pages 169-174
Treatment Modalities In Patients With Condyloma Acuminata of Anogenital Region
Pages 029-033
The Results For the Treatment of Humeral Shaft Fractures Using Functional Bracing
Pages 040-043
Endodonic Treatment of Three-Rooted and Four Canalled of Mandibular Second Molar Tooth
Pages 070-072
The Distribution of Endotontically Treated Teeth in Various Age Groups
Pages 249-255
Successful treatment of lichen amyloidosis with cryosurgery
Pages 112-114
α Interferon and Lamivudine Treatment in Children with Chronic Hepatitis B
Pages 316-320
The Evaluation of TcPO2 and TcPCO2 Measurement as a Follow up Criteria in Diabetic Foot Treated with HBO Therapy
Pages 020-024
Angiogenesis and Gene Therapy in Heart Failure
Pages 084-087
HyperbaricOxygen and Prolidaz Enzym Levels
Pages 144-148
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Chronic Osteomyelitis
Pages 189-193
Hyperbarıc Oxygen Therapy In Crush Injurıes After 17th Of August Earthquake In Marmara
Pages 194-199
The Effect of Different Posmenopausal Hormon Replacement Treatment Protocals on Endometrial Thickness
Pages 205-208
Result of Conservative Treatment of Fractures of the Distal Radius
Pages 315-322
Clinical follow up of a keratomycosis case with total corneal melting
Pages 135-138
Retrospective analysis of children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Pages 183-186
Evaluation of children with abdominal pain
Pages 199-203
Retrospective analysis of our cases with acute immune thrombocytopenic purpura
Pages 272-274
The effect of testosterone therapy on QT dispersion in patients with secondary hypogonadism
Pages 022-024
Endodontic retreatment
Pages 059-061
Corneal perforation due to chronic graftversus- host disease after allogenic bone marrow transplantation
Pages 166-168
Surgical treatment of isolated pulmonary metastases (retrospective analysis of 22 patients)
Pages 195-199
Surgical treatment approach in a patient with eruptive vellus hair cyst
Pages 046-048
Clinical features and outcomes of treatment in our patients with orbital cellulitis
Pages 081-086
Results of in vitro photodynamic therapy with hypericin on breast cell (MCF-7) and Burkitt lymphoma (Raji) cell lines
Pages 147-152
Applying G-CSF on post-transplant +5th day is advantageous on supportive treatment in patients undergoing peripheral blood stem cell transplantation
Pages 157-162
An extremely rare foreign material in the bladder: a piece of pen
Pages 181-182
Photodynamic therapy with verteporfin in choroidal neovascularization developing due to age-related macular degeneration
Pages 240-244
Mandibular osteomyelitis developing due to a failed root canal treatment in a patient with multiple myeloma
Pages 264-267
Our surgical experience in pulmonary tuberculosis: 58 cases
Pages 001-004
The efficacy of passive stretch exercises in congenital muscular torticollis
Pages 098-101
Treatment variabilities in the giant fibroepithelial polyps of the urinary system: presentation of two cases
Pages 137-140
Evaluation of the fatigue symptom in patients with cancer and associated clinical problems
Pages 141-146
Comparison of the effectiveness of surgery and radioactive iodine therapy in Basedow-Graves disease
Pages 241-248
A case of chronic eosinophilic pneumonia with relapses
Pages 061-063
Clinical characteristics of our patients with spontaneous pneumothorax
Pages 071-074
A case of non-Hodgkin lymphoma with chest wall involvement
Pages 244-246
Buccal and palatal cusps fracture resistance of root filled teeth using various dentine bonding agents and hybrid composite resin
Pages 001-006
An unusual diagnosis in a child presenting with hypercalcemia: acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Pages 047-048
Etiology, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities in chronic constipation
Pages 061-068
Intestinal obstruction caused by Ascaris lumbricoides: an unusual case
Pages 225-228
Pelvic endometriosis presenting with urinary symptoms: a case report
Pages 290-293
Proceeded diagnosis and therapy in eye diseases under the light of developments in molecular biology and genetics
Pages 074-076
The effect of cytogenetic analysis results on prognosis in cases with myelodysplastic syndrome
Pages 104-106
A case of parathyroid carcinoma
Pages 139-142
Selective intraarterial radionuclide radiotherapy of inoperable liver metastases with Yttrium-90 (Y-90) labeled microspheres in a patient with medullary thyroid carcinoma metastasis in the liver: first national administration
Pages 057-061
Follow-up of the treatment response by ultrasonic biomicroscopy and optical coherence tomography in Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada disease
Pages 077-081
Diagnostic and therapeutic methods in dental erosion
Pages 086-091
Current approach to root canal irrigants
Pages 178-182 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.19181
Evaluation of the impact of integrated [18f]-fluoro- 2-deoxy-D-glucose positron emission tomography/ computed tomography imaging on staging and radiotherapy treatment volume definition of nonsmall cell lung cancer
Pages 220-227 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.25723
Comparison of taxan-cisplatin combination with gemcitabine -cisplatin combination in metatastatic non-small cell lung cancer
Pages 032-035 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.18081
Evaluation of efficacy and safety of niacinamide gel in the treatment of mild to moderate acne
Pages 167-170 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.22956
Endodontic Treatment of Primary and Permanent Mandibular Molar Teeth with Radix Entomolaris: A Case Report
Pages 305-309 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.17671
The Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Multiple Sclerosis Patients in Turkey
Pages 071-075 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.39346
Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis; Analysis Of 17 Cases
Pages 102-106 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.42152
Pain levels following non-surgical periodontal treatment and the relation with gender in patients with chronic periodontitis
Pages 133-137 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.39079
Applications of sterile larvae of Lucilia sericata for the treatment of chronic wounds
Pages 218-222 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.173024
Primary oligodendroglioma of the lateral ventricle
Pages 066-067 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.23374
Maternal immunologic and clinical response to antiretroviral therapy initiation before or during pregnancy in HIV-1 infected women and associated factors in Southwest Ethiopia
Pages 152-159 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.155305
Dental Anxiety and Associated Factors in Young Individuals
Pages 160-164 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 153609
Right heart thrombus dissolved after medical management in a patient with Behçet"s Disease
Pages 206-207 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.34359
Multidisiplinary treatment of non-syndrome oligodontia patient
Pages 309-311 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.30111
Pages 343-347 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 159145
Evaluation of the parameters that can be effective on the response to antiviral treatment in patients with chronic hepatitis C
Pages 373-377 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 157282
Treatment outcomes and associated factors among tuberculosis patients in Southwest Ethiopia
Pages 397-407 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 161306
Treatment of severe metabolic alkalosis in a patient with congestive heart failure following coronary bypass surgery
Pages 446-447 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 153852
Efficacy of ozone therapy on acute muscle strain model of rat
Pages 018-026 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.211207
Man-in-the-barrel syndrome following cervical trauma: case report and reviewing the literature
Pages 194-196 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.1133
Approaches to Chronic Wound Care
Pages 207-228 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 180868
Effect of pretreatment state-trait anxiety level of endodontics patients to treatment satisfaction
Pages 334-340 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.197847
The menegement of pleomorphic adenomas of the parotid: single team experience
Pages 361-365 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.210189
The effect of testosterone replacement treatment on the inflammation and insulin resistance in patients with congenital hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism
Pages 394-397 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.233026
Treatment of severe crowding and a narrow maxilla with surgically assisted rapid maxillary expansion (SARME) : A case report
Pages 049-052 DOI : 10.5455/Gulhane.228324
Medical nutrition treatment in cancer patients
Pages 079-088 DOI : :10.26657/Gulhane.00005
Childhood traumatic experiences, alexithymia, and resilience in patients with adjustment disorder
Pages 097-102 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00030
The effectiveness of topical scar-reducing therapies administered for scarring due to burns and other causes: A retrospective pilot clinical research
Pages 139-144 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00039