Smilar Issues: 45 Record Found
The Principles of Surgery Intensive Care Nursing
Pages 475-479
Determining the Ethical Approaches of Operating Room Nurses of Ethical Problems
Pages 147-152
The Apporches of The Nurses to The Vilonce Case Scenorios in Emergency Department
Pages 018-023
Retrospective Evaluation of Mechanical Ventilated Patients in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
Pages 287-290
Management of Nosocomial Infections in Intensive Care Units of a Tertiary Military Hospital
Pages 305-310
Errors in parenteral drug administration in a surgical intensive care unit
Pages 175-178
Factors affecting mortality in mechanically ventilated patients in the surgical intensive care unit
Pages 209-213
Our communication experiences with the intubated patients: case reports
Pages 175-179
The effect of herbal products on chronic renal failure
Pages 189-193
Determination of the knowledge and practice level of breast self-examination among the nurses of the GATA hospital, the students of the GATA nursing school and some female patients
Pages 200-204
The considerations about and expectations from in-service training programs of the nurses working at the intensive care units of the education hospital of Gulhane Military Medical Faculty
Pages 025-031
Validity and reliability of "Barriers Scale" in utilization of research results by nurses
Pages 072-080
Evaluation of the frequency and factors affecting smoking among nurses
Pages 065-070
Catheter related infections in a surgical intensive care unit
Pages 158-163
Evaluation of the expectations of nursing school students from the intern education program and of their acquisitions and suggestions at the end of the program
Pages 164-171
International electronic patient record systems and relationship between nursing practices and computer
Pages 131-136
Determination of the professional behavior of the intensive care nurses
Pages 168-173
Family centered care and the role of family in neonatal intensive care unit's design
Pages 199-203
Determination of the attitudes of the GATA Nursing School students about the surrogate motherhood
Pages 216-219
Investigation of the moral sensibility of intensive care nurses
Pages 076-081
The other side of the bed: the experiences of first class nursing school students hospitalized for training purposes
Pages 189-197
Nursing approaches to sexual dysfunction and sexual counseling-related issues in patients receiving cancer treatment
Pages 241-247
Evaluation of the critical thinking skills and factors affecting these skills in students of high school nursing
Pages 035-039
Determination of the knowledge and attitudes of nursing students about human papilloma virus infection and its vaccines
Pages 104-110 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.18912
Assessment of the knowledge level and behaviors of students in school of nursing about genital hygiene
Pages 120-128 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.19180
Determination of the learning styles of junior nursing students and investigation of the relationship between their learning styles and academic achivement
Pages 129-135 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.19730
Daily life activities in stroke
Pages 254-260 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.25410
Palliative care nursing
Pages 329-334 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.30582
Nursing care for renal transplantation between mates: case presentation
Pages 150-155 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.39842
Relationship between perceptions of health status and health promotion behaviors in nursing students
Pages 181-187 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.15228
Views of Senior Nursing Students on Patient Safety
Pages 269-275 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.26672
Pages 005-012
Assessment of health promotion behavior of adolescents in a high school
Pages 129-135 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.43275
Determination of sun protection behaviour amoung nursing students
Pages 241-246 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.156821
Analysis of the relationship between professional commitment and organizational commitment
Pages 367-372 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 154242
Empathy and Burnout Levels of Nurses Associated with Personality Traits and Trauma Exposure
Pages 011-017 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 182344
Assessment of relationship between nursing students" self-efficacy and levels of their anxiety and stress about clinical practice
Pages 129-135 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 169643
Determination of the attitudes to use the patients rights of patients undergone cardiovascular surgery
Pages 256-260 DOI : 10.5455/Gülhane. 174094
Assessing the attitudes and behaviors of nursing students according to Caring Nurse-Patient Interaction scale
Pages 277-281 DOI : 10.5455/Gülhane. 181127
The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Fatigue In Patients with Myocardial Infarction
Pages 366-372 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.210780
Determination of nursing interventions given in the interventional radiology department
Pages 398-403 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.223043
Investigation of the relationship between attitudes towards the nursing profession and occupational professionalism
Pages 411-416 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.176909
Cardiovascular Surgery Patients' Intensive Care Experiences and Transfer Anxiety
Pages 067-072 DOI : 10.26657/Gulhane.00004
Experiences field application of intern nursing students in public health internship: A qualitative study
Pages 011-015 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00045
Effects of health promotion courses on development of healthy lifestyle behaviours and e-health literacy in nursing
Pages 052-058 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00054