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Diagnosis and Treatment Characteristics of the in-patients who were Treated at the Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Pediatrics in 2001
Pages 169-174
Some Sociodemographic and Disease Characteristics of Female Breast Cancer Patients, Followed at Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Medical Oncology, Between 1992-2002
Pages 189-195
Normal Data and Diagnostic Value of Superficial Radial Nerve Sensory Conduction
Pages 321-325
The Problems During Follow-up in Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Military Hospitals
Pages 383-386
Some Sociodemographic Characteristics and Diagnoses of Patients, Followed at Gülhane Military Medical Academy, Department of Medical Oncology
Pages 115-124
The Comparison of Remifentanil Versus Propofol-Meperidin Combination Via Patient Controlled Sedation During ESWL
Pages 280-286
Diagnostic efficacy of sputum number in the diagnosis of pulmonary tuberculosis
Pages 179-182
Diagnostic value of transbronchial lung biopsy: analysis of 104 cases
Pages 187-189
Diagnostic thoracic surgery procedures
Pages 030-033
Direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex strains from sputum samples by nested PCR method
Pages 075-078
Childhood invaginations
Pages 236-239
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis: the GATA experience
Pages 245-249
Coexistence of pulmonary hydatid cyst and tuberculosis in a patient: a case report
Pages 128-130
Comparison of the effects of total intravenous anesthesia and inhalation anesthesia on postperfusion injury in cardiac surgery
Pages 018-022
Etiology, diagnostic procedures and treatment modalities in chronic constipation
Pages 061-068
Primary malignant melanoma of the maxillary gingiva: a case report
Pages 208-211
Evaluation of the diseases with an erythrocyte sedimentation rate over 100 mm/hour in children
Pages 257-260
A case of Wegener's granulomatosis with limited involvement
Pages 298-301
The effect of cytogenetic analysis results on prognosis in cases with myelodysplastic syndrome
Pages 104-106
Time-dependent variations in plasma D-dimer levels and biochemical parameters in acute mesenteric ischemia: an experimental study
Pages 029-034
The compliance between serum sige levels and clinical findings in patients with a diagnosis of allergic rhinitis
Pages 056-059 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 1303
The comparison of the efficacy of different sedation protocols in colonoscopy
Pages 143-147 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane. 512