Smilar Issues: 16 Record Found
Determining the Level of Job Satisfaction of Phsicians Working at Turkish Military Forces
Pages 423-427
Determining Managerial Leadership Style Of Physician Managers in A Training Hospital
Pages 428-435
The Knowledge And Ideas of the Physicians Who Participate in Emergency Services About Physician Responsibility in Emergency Cases and Forensic Medicine Problems
Pages 175-179
Malpractice Cases Related With Emergency Medicine, Evaluated By Supreme Council of Health Between 2000-2004
Pages 226-231
Prevalence of barodontalgia in Turkish Air Force flight crew
Pages 001-004
Hazardous diseases for dentists and dentists' occupational illnesses
Pages 204-212
Identification of daily bioethical dilemmas in Turkish dentists
Pages 141-144
The role of age, gender, education and experiences on dental anxiety
Pages 145-148
The frequency of various systemic diseases in adult patients admitting to the department of oral and maxillofacial surgery outpatient clinic
Pages 007-010
A study on the military physicians' perceptions on organizational commitment
Pages 082-090
Medical service support in multinational operations in terms of preventive medicine
Pages 302-310
The analysis of relationship between organizational justice perception and organizational commitment of military physicians
Pages 009-016
Assessment of the caries risk of the patients admitted to the Department of Pedodontics of Gulhane Military Medical Academy
Pages 199-204 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.25640
An Assessment of Physician" Attitudes and Behaviors on Cost-Effectiveness During Medical Treatments
Pages 288-296 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.34620
The relationship between sociodemographic characteristics and organizational justice perceptions of military physicians and organizational commitment through structural equation modelling
Pages 256-263 DOI : 10.5455/gulhane.157577
Assessment of dental fear in turkish children with the frankl behavior rating Scale (FS) and the sound-eye-Motor (SEM) scale
Pages 272-276 DOI : 10.5455/Gülhane. 180391