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GULHANE MEDICAL JOURNAL 2018 , Vol 60 , Issue 3
Folic acid and zinc inhibit angiogenesis in chicken chorioallontoic membrane model via angiogenic factor genes Research
Pages 067-070 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00024
Association of complete blood count parameters with liver histology and atherosclerosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Research
Pages 071-077 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00025
Complex regional pain syndrome type 1 in young adults Research
Pages 078-082 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00026
An evaluation of attitudes about educational strategies, school duration, specialty and technology in a group of Turkish dental students Research
Pages 083-087 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00027
The long-term esthetic results of two surgical methods for treating ingrown toenails Research
Pages 088-091 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00028
Determination of attitudes of healthcare personnel working in surgical services towards the use of gloves Research
Pages 092-096 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00029
Childhood traumatic experiences, alexithymia, and resilience in patients with adjustment disorder Research
Pages 097-102 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00030
Flexible ureterorenoscopy for the patients with anatomic variations, skeletal anomalies and solitary kidney Research
Pages 103-106 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00031
Pre-transplant low paratyroid hormone level: A risk factor for post-transplant osteoporosis and arterial stiffness Research
Pages 107-111 DOI : 10.26657/gulhane.00032
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