Original Article

Urticarial dermatitis: Case series of six patients


Received Date: 21.07.2017 Accepted Date: 05.09.2017 Gulhane Med J 2017;59(2):39-43


Urticarial dermatitis is a clinicopathologic condition that was defined in 2006 and it is characterized clinically by intensely pruritic, urticarial excoriated papules and/or plaques or urticarial and eczematous excoriated patches. This article is intended to present a case series.


In this study, six cases with urticarial dermatitis that were diagnosed histopathologically between October 2015 and May 2016 were evaluated retrospectively.


Six (three women, three men) patients were included, they had a mean age of 39.3 years. The complaints of the patients were present for a mean duration of 5.7 years. The lesions were located mostly in the lower extremity in the form of erythematous, excoriated papules and patches. Topical corticosteroid, antihistamine and oral colchicine treatment were recommended in all cases. All cases received significant benefit from the treatment. After an average of 11.3 months follow up period it was learnt that their complaints recurred mildly several times, especially with stress, and these complaints were relieved with the use of the previous treatment for a few days by the patients.


Urticarial dermatitis is an idiopathic and possibly auto-inflammatory clinicopathologic condition. In the treatment of urticarial dermatitis, colchicine and antihistamines are effective in controlling symptoms, but relapse can always be expected.

Keywords: antihistamine, dermal hypersensitivity reaction, colchicine, urticarial dermatitis, case series