Case Report

The extraction of a forgotten ureteric double J stent with pyelolithotomy

  • Yusuf Kibar
  • Ozan Akay
  • Fikret Erdemir
  • Murat Dayanç

Received Date: 24.11.2004 Accepted Date: 06.04.2005 Gulhane Med J 2005;47(3):218-220

Double J ureteral stent has been under urological practice for more than 25 years. Indications for stent insertion have increased in recent years along with increase in their use. Thus complications and side effects due to stent insertion are more frequently observed than previously encountered. In addition to irritative symptoms to the patient, indwelling stent administration for prolonged periods or being forgotten of a previously administered indwelling stent could lead to serious complications. We herein report surgical extraction of a double J stent implanted ten years ago and forgotten later with pyelolithotomy following an unsuccessful trial of endoscopic extraction.

Keywords: Double J stent, complications, pyelolithotomy, ureter