Case Report

Spontaneous left main coronary artery spasm and intravascular ultrasonography findings


  • Murat Çelik
  • Atila İyisoy
  • Turgay Çelik
  • Mustafa Tuncer

Received Date: 17.03.2011 Accepted Date: 23.05.2011 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(2):172-174

Vasospasm causes an abrupt and temporary occlusion in coronary arteries in patients with normal coronary arteries. Nonetheless, vasospasm of the left main coronary artery is unusual and can be spontaneous or iatrogenic. We herein report a very rare cause of temporary spasm of LMCA, which resulted in vasospastic angina and anginal chest pain. Intravascular ultrasonography should be considered as a good diagnostic tool in revealing the exact etiology of occlusions such as vasospasm or thrombosis.

Keywords: Intravascular ultrasonography, left main coronary artery, vasospasm