Case Report

Septic arthritis of the knee developing due to Kuntscher nail migration: a case report

  • Özkan Köse
  • Yüksel Yurttaş
  • Atıl Atilla
  • Bahtiyar Demiralp
  • Recep Doğan İlhan
  • Cemil Yıldız

Received Date: 14.11.2007 Accepted Date: 17.01.2008 Gulhane Med J 2008;50(4):279-281

Migration of the nail into the adjacent articular space may be seen due to loosening in the long term as Kuntscher nails are lockless nails. Migration of an intramedullary nail into the knee in a patient who had had femur shaft fracture fifteen years ago due to a gun shot injury and had been treated with Kuntscher nail caused septic arthritis by carrying the drainage developing from osteomyelitis of femoral diaphysis into the articular space. Septic arthritis developing due to the migration of nail into the knee is an extremely rare complication. This case emphasizes the need for removal of Kuntscher nails just after the completion of the fracture union.

Keywords: Femur fracture, intramedullary nailing, complication, septic arthritis