Case Report

Primary renal lymphoma with a large mass: A case report and a review of the literature


  • Mazaher Ramezani
  • Pourya Ghobadi
  • Alireza Sadeghsalehi
  • Khashayar Rahmani
  • Masoud Sadeghi

Received Date: 02.12.2018 Accepted Date: 10.07.2019 Gulhane Med J 2019;61(4):183-185

Primary renal lymphoma (PRL) is uncommon and a controversial manner due to lack of the lymphatic tissue in the kidneys. Less than 1% of the kidney lesions are PRL. We reported a 61-year-old female with abdominal and left flank pain. She had a large renal mass measured 19cm. The imaging, histopathology, and immunohistochemistry diagnosed the large mass as primary renal lymphoma, diffuse large B-cell type.

Keywords: Primary renal lymphoma, immunohistochemistry, renal tumor, case report.