Case Report

Open heart surgery in a patient with liver transplantation


  • Faruk Cingöz
  • İsmail Hakkı Özerhan
  • Mehmet Ali Şahin
  • Gökhan Yağcı
  • Mehmet Arslan
  • Sadettin Çetiner

Received Date: 07.01.2011 Accepted Date: 18.05.2011 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(2):165-167

Coronary artery bypass operation was performed with the diagnosis of ischemic heart disease in a-58-year-old male patient in whom orthotopic liver transplantation had been performed 4 years ago. Coronary artery bypass grafting operation was performed using left internal mammarian artery and autogenous vein graft for three vessels. There were no complications in the pre- and post-operative periods. This patient as the first case in our hospital was presented with the literature review.

Keywords: Liver transplantation, coronary bypass