Case Report

Nutrition plaque for the newborn with palate cleft: a case report

  • Yumuşhan Günay
  • Arzu Atay
  • Banu Karayazgan
  • Mustafa Erkan
  • S. Emre Özkır

Received Date: 25.02.2008 Accepted Date: 18.04.2008 Gulhane Med J 2009;51(2):108-111

Palate cleft causes a major problem in feeding of the newborn. Nutrition plaques produced for solving the nutrition problem are successfully used until the newborn reaches the body weight sufficient enough for surgical intervention. In the present case, a different technique aiming to increase the adaptation of the newborn to the nutrition plaque and being used at our clinic is emphasized.

Keywords: Nutrition plaque, cleft palate