Original Article

Normal values of radiographic measurements used for the assessment of adult hip dysplasia; analysis of 1732 healthy hips in Anatolian population


  • Tolga Ege
  • Özkan Köse
  • Bahtiyar Demiralp
  • Doğan Bek

Received Date: 22.11.2014 Accepted Date: 14.06.2015 Gulhane Med J 2016;58(3):245-249


The purpose of this study is to determine the normal values of radiographic measurements used for the assessment of hip joint, particularly focusing on the hip dysplasia, on healthy young adults in Anatolian population.

Materials and methods:

This prospective study consisted 866 subjects (>18 years of age) without clinical evidence of hip disorder who underwent anterior-posterior (AP) x-ray of pelvic region for routine screening in our institution. Acetabular angle of Sharp, center edge angle, ACM angle, acetabular index, and Reimer’s migration index were measured. Normative data regarding radiographic parameters were presented for both gender and body side and statistical comparison was performed between gender and body sides. Results: CE angles (M: 30.3±3.4 vs F: 28.8±2.7) and ACM (M: 41.0±1.8 vs F: 40.5±1.8) angles were higher in male subjects; AI (M: 3.5±0.6 vs F: 3.8±0.9) and Sharp angle (M: 37.9±2.5 vs F: 38.5±2.1) was higher in female subjects. Reimer’s migration index was similar between genders (M: 12.6±3.5 vs F: 13.0±3.6). All measured variables were statistically different between body sides, except AI in male subjects. Conclusion: We emphasize that normal limits of acetabular angles obtained from our own population should be used as reference values in various orthopedic operations regarding acetabular region.

Keywords: Acetebular dysplasia, sharp angle, acetebular index, center edge angle, ACM angle, Reimer’s migration index, Turkish population, normative data.