Case Report

Multidisciplinary treatment dilacerated central incisor associated with impacted canine and congenital missing lateral incisor: a case report


  • Şeniz Karaçay
  • Arzu Atay
  • Ersin Yıldırım

Received Date: 31.05.2011 Accepted Date: 29.07.2011 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(4):306-310

In this case report multidisciplinary treatment of a 16 years old male patient was presented. In the radiographic evaluation, it was determined that maxillary right lateral incisor was congenital missing, canine was impacted at the same side, and left central incisor was dilacerated and impacted. In the intraoral examination, it was observed that space of the left central incisor was closed mildly by the migration of the neighbor teeth, there was a midline deviation, and left lateral incisor had a narrow mesio-distal width. Dilacerated central incisor was extracted and a button was attached on the impacted canine by a surgical approach. Impacted canine was erupted, midline was corrected, and left lateral incisor was moved to the place of the extracted central incisor with orthodontic treatment. After orthodontic treatment, central incisor form was given to the left lateral incisor by applying a porcelain crown and lateral incisor form was given to the canines by drilling the cusp tips with diamond bur. At the end of treatment, the patient attained a functional occlusion and esthetic appearance.

Keywords: Dilacerated maxillary central incisor, congenitally missing lateral incisor, impacted canine