Case Report

Mandible reconstruction with free fibular flap at an ınfantile fibromatosis case: a case report


  • İsmail Şahin
  • Serbülent Güzey
  • Serdar Öztürk
  • Andaç Aykan
  • Selçuk Işık

Received Date: 29.05.2012 Accepted Date: 05.07.2012 Gulhane Med J 2014;56(1):48-51

İn the pediatric age, “Desmoid fibromatosis” is a rere soft tissue tumor, which mostly involves extraabdominal tissues like mandible. Although histologically benign nature, locally aggressive behavior of thetumorcan cause large bone tissue destruction in these cases. Even though treatment by surgical excision with extended safety margins is the mostly preferred and best practice, this approach can form large bone defects. Therefore, reconstruction of these defects are stili a surgical challenge, which is closely related to the age. İn this paper, we present an infantile mandibular desmoid fibromatosis case, whom tumor was totally excised 6 years ago and reconstruction of the bony segment was performed with free fibular flap 5 years later. At the microsurgical process, either intraoperatively or postoperatively we did not observe any complication or orientation problem. Also, there has not been detected any occlusion problem, facial asymmetry or additional deformities that is displayed by radiologically, up to now. By this way we describe that the free fibular flap is a good opportunity for the mandibular reconstructions, independently to the age.

Keywords: infantile fibromatosis, Desmoid fibromatosis, Pediatric microsurgery, Fibular flap