Original Article

Kinesiotaping vs elastic bandage in acute ankle sprains in emergency department: A randomized, controlled, clinical trial.


  • Yahya Ayhan Acar
  • Banu Karakus Yilmaz
  • Murat Karadeniz
  • Erdem Cevik
  • Ozlem Uzun
  • Orhan Cinar

Received Date: 08.02.2015 Accepted Date: 24.12.2014 Gulhane Med J 2015;57(1):44-48

Compression is the standard of care of stable acute ankle sprains in emergency department. Kinesiotaping is a novel treatment method in acute and chronic soft tissue traumas. We aimed to compare the kinesiotaping and elastic bandage in the treatment of acute lateral ankle sprain in short term period. We conducted a single-center, prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial. Patients with acute ankle sprain were randomized into two groups either elastic bandage (n=35) or kinesiotaping (n=38). Karlsson scores, pain scores, ankle girth and additional analgesic needed were compared in 0, 3, 7, and 28 days. There was not any significant difference between two groups in all parameters. In conclusion, kinesiotaping seems as effective as elastic bandage in the treatment of acute stable ankle sprains with no advantage over it in the emergency department.

Keywords: Kinesiotaping, elastic bandage, ankle sprain.