Case Report

Hydrops fetalis due to Kell alloimmunization: a case report

  • Serkan Bodur
  • Levent Tütüncü
  • Galip Erdem

Received Date: 19.02.2010 Accepted Date: 20.01.2011 Gulhane Med J 2011;53(3):219-222

Kell alloimmunization is one of the rare but at the same time most frequent causes of hemolytic disease of fetus and newborn after anti-D alloimmunization. Management of Kell alloimmunization which uniquely demonstrates its effect via the supression of fetal erythropoietic response is somewhat different from alloimmunization occuring due to RhD antibodies. In this case report fetal and neonatal hemolytic disease occuring due to Kell izoimmunization is discussed under the light of literature knowledge regarding a case of hydrops fetalis developing due to sensitization with anti-Kell antibodies and resulting in utero excitus despite intensive follow-up and treatment.

Keywords: Alloimmunization, hydrops fetalis, Kell, hemolytic disease of the newborn