Case Report

Fetal Lung Type Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma (Case Report)

  • Mehmet GAMSIZKAN
  • Bülent KURT
  • M. Salih DEVECİ
  • Ömer GÜNHAN

Received Date: Accepted Date: 04.10.2004 Gulhane Med J 2004;49(4):347-350

Pulmonary adenocarcinoma that histologically resembles fetal lung is a rare malignant epithelial tumor. A solitary pulmonary nodule was determined in right lung upper lobe of a 62-year-old man, and fine needle aspiration, intraoperative frozen examination, and pneumonectomy were applied respectively. After the histopathologic and immunohistochemical investigations, the case was diagnosed as fetal lung type pulmonary adenocarcinoma. The management and prognosis of this tumor are different from that of pulmonary blastoma and pleuropulmonary blastoma and may also cause difficulties in differential diagnosis.

Keywords: Lung, Adenocarcinoma, Fetal Type