Original Article

Effectiveness of web-based health education and consultation on health promotion behaviors of adolescents


  • Sabahat Coşkun
  • Gülten Güvenç
  • Hatice Bebiş

Received Date: 12.06.2019 Accepted Date: 17.07.2019 Gulhane Med J 2019;61(4):139-146


Adolescence is a critical period for many health-risk behaviours. The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of web-based health education and consultation on health promotion behaviors of adolescence and their e-health literacy.


This randomized controlled study consisted of 252 adolescence, of whom 120 were in the control group and 132 comprised the intervention group. Students in the intervention group received web based health education and consultation program based on health promotion theory. No procedures were applied to the control group. The results were reevaluated three months after the intervention. Measurements included the e-HEALS: The Health Literacy Scale, Adolescent Lifestyle Questionnaire, Information Assessment Form for the Content of Health Education Program and Satisfaction Evaluation Form.


Results indicated that total Adolescent Lifestyle Questionnaire (p= 0.004), e-health literacy (p= 0.001) differences were greater in the intervention group than in the control group, and the differences were statistically significant.


Web-based education and consultation demonstrated positive contributions for adolescents’health promotion behaviors and e-health literacy who are the biggest group of internet users, in promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

Keywords: Health promotion, Health literacy, Online education, Adolescent.