Original Article

Dextrose solution used for prolotherapy decreases cell viability and increases gene expressions of angiogenic and apopitotic factors


  • Şefik Güran
  • Zehra Dilşad Çoban
  • Özlem Karasimav
  • Sümeyye Demirhan
  • Naci Karaağaç
  • Aydan Örsçelik
  • Ertan Altaylı
  • Yavuz Yıldız

Received Date: 09.02.2018 Accepted Date: 13.04.2018 Gulhane Med J 2018;60(2):42-46


Hypertonic dextrose injection in prolotherapy is an injection-based treatment used in chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Dextrose prolotherapy raises growth factor levels and enhances tissue repair, reduces musculoskeletal pain. Despite of uses for many years, the effect of dextrose solution on cellular and molecular base is not fully clear. Here, the roles of dextrose solutions was tried to find out in different concentrations on human fibroblasts in vitro. Gene expression alterations were analyzed in uses of dextrose solutions on growth and apoptotic factors.


The effects of dextrose solution (1%, 5%, 10%-low doses, 15%, 20% and 25%-high doses) were evaluated in vitro by using human fibroblast culture. In each condition total RNA extraction and cDNA synthesis were performed. The gene expression levels of angiogenic and apoptotic factors were analyzed by using real-time polymerase chain reaction. The gene expression results of growth and apoptotic factors were correlated with control results.


Results; Dextrose solutions were affected the viability of fibroblast cells in culture flask in high concentrations. In high doses dextrose concentrations, up to 80% of fibroblasts were died because of toxic conditions. Viable fibroblast cell ratios were decreased proportionally due to the dextrose concentration. Low dextrose concentrations increased gene expressions in angiogenic (VEGFA, PDGFA, PDGFB, IGF1) and in apopitotic factors (CASP3 and CASP8) in fibroblasts.


Conclusion; Dextrose solution in high concentrations, decreases viable cell ratios on adult fibroblast cell line. Dextrose solutions in proper concentrations increase the gene expressions of angiagenic and apopitotic factors on viable cells in adult fibroblast cell culture.

Keywords: Prolotherapy, dextrose solution, growth factor, apoptosis, gene expression.