Original Article

Comparison of clinical and sociodemographic features of bipolar disorder according to gender


  • Süleyman Akarsu
  • Murat Erdem
  • Abdullah Bolu
  • Hüseyin Günay
  • Beyazıt Garip
  • Mehmet Ak
  • Serkan Zincir

Received Date: 26.01.2012 Accepted Date: 24.03.2012 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(4):279-283

However the lifetime prevalence of bipolar disorder is not different between men and women, some of the features of the disease vary between the genders. The aim of this study was to compare the clinical and sociodemographic features of bipolar disorder according to gender. In this study the data of 125 bipolar disorder tip I patients who had been admitted to Department of Psychiatry of Gulhane Military Medical Faculty between 2009-2011 were examined. Data of these patients were obtained by examining the patients files . 95 of 125 patients (%76.0) were male, and 30 (%24.0) were female. Age of disease onset in bipolar male patients was 22,5 ± 6,9; %6.3 had a history of suicid attempt and %11.6 had a history of substance abuse. Age of disease onset in bipolar female patients was 28,7 ± 9.7. %23.3 had a history of suicide attempt. There was no history of substance abuse in female patients. Psychotic features and history of substance abuse were more prominent in men. The later age of disease onset and longer duration of hospitalization were determined in women. Our results were appeared to be in line with the results of the studies about gender differences in bipolar disorder. Making prospective studies about this subject is considered to be useful to determine the epidemiological characteristics of mood disorders.

Keywords: Bipolar disorder tip I, gender differences, retrospective study