Case Report

Association of anatomical variations of ilioinguinal nerve with inguinal hernia repair


  • Selda Yıldız
  • Necdet Kocabıyık
  • Kağan Coşkun
  • Tahir Özer
  • Nazif Zeybek

Received Date: 02.08.2011 Accepted Date: 20.10.2011 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(2):155-159

Proper anesthesia of and knowledge about the anatomical location of ilioinguinal nerve are important in hernia repair and other surgical procedures. The aim of this study was to explore anatomical variations of and map the course of the ilioinguinal nerve. Seventeen formalin fixed cadavers were dissected in this study. The nerve was absent in one case and double in one case bilaterally. The relationship of ilioinguinal nerve with inguinal ligament and walls and content of inguinal canal were analyzed. On average, proximal end of the nerve entered the abdominal wall 2.96 cm medial and 3.5 cm inferior to the anterior superior iliac spine. The ilioinguinal nerve traveled along the superficial surface of the internal oblique muscle, passing 0.95 cm over the inguinal ligament. Then it followed a linear course to terminate 2.4 cm lateral to linea alba and 1.5 cm superior to pubic symphysis. The lower area below the anterior superior iliac spine is the site where abdominal wall surgical procedures are performed, and thus is the potential area regarding ilioinguinal nevre injury.

Keywords: Hernia, ilioinguinal nerve, variation