Original Article

Assessment of the knowledge level and behaviors of students in school of nursing about genital hygiene


  • Serpil Özdemir
  • Tülay Ortabağ
  • Betül Tosun
  • Özlem Özdemir
  • Hatice Bebiş

Received Date: 01.08.2011 Accepted Date: 09.12.2011 Gulhane Med J 2012;54(2):120-128

Data representing overall population about gynecological health problems of women in fertility period are limited in Turkey. In this study it was aimed to determine the knowledge level and behaviors of nursing students about genital hygiene. The study was designed as a cross-sectional study. Universe of the study comprised of 354 students attending to high school of nursing. Questionnaire was developed by researchers following a literature review. Although 50.5% of the junior students (n=55) described a history of abnormal vaginal discharge, only 19.3% (n=21) stated that the discharge was abnormal. Of all the students 5.4% (n=19) stated that “they never took a bath” during menstrual period. There was not a statistically significant difference between the history of vaginal discharge and post-defecation cleaning behaviors of students (x2=19.469, p=0.001). Type of post-defecation cleaning from back to front was more common in students who had a history of abnormal vaginal discharge. In conclusion habits that seem very simple in basic and are, however, frequently neglected are very important in protecting and developing urogenital health in the female.

Keywords: Genital hygiene, nursing, student